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7 Things to Consider When Searching for an MS Specialist

Questions to help you find the right MS treatment

Doctor in her office.
    It’s sort of like moving to a new town and looking for someone to cut your hair.  You find someone who has a hair type like yours, who has a cut you like, and you ask them where they get it done. It’s the same for finding a new MS doc.
    Trevis Gleason

    Trevis Gleason


    Trevis L. Gleason is an award-winning author, chef and blogger who was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis in 2001. Gleason has been published in several international newspapers as well as research journals. An ambassador for both the National MS Society and MS Ireland, he lives and writes about living with MS in Seattle, Wash. and County Kerry Ireland with his wife Caryn and their Wheaten Terriers, Sadie and Maggie. His book, Chef Interrupted, is available on Amazon.