Thirsty, Not Diabities. Have Been Checked For It.


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Thirsty, Not Diabities. Have Been Checked For It.

I have been extremely thirst. I drink about a gallon at night and who knows how much water during the day. I have been checked for diabities and it came back negative. Checked liver and kidneys and they are fine also. Dr. said it was Acid Reflux and perscribed Zantacs, but it is not helping at all with the thirst.


It's good that you've seen your doctor and been checked for some of the most common causes of excessive thirst -- diabetes, kidney and/or liver-related disorders, etc. However, in researching I'm not finding it to be listed as a symptom of acid reflux, so I'm not sure as to the reasoning of being prescribed Zantac. What I do find are other possible causes for excessive thirst, ranging from simple to complex:

-- Recently eating salty or spicy foods

-- Excessive loss of water and salt, possibly caused by not drinking enough water (dehydration), fluid loss during exercise, or experiencing profuse sweating, vomiting or diarrhea

-- Drugs such as anticholinergics, demeclocycline, diuretics, phenothiazines

-- An underlying disease (physical or emotional)

I hope this information is helpful. If this continues for you, be sure to keep your doctor involved.

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