This Brain Game Could Slash Dementia Risk


Results of a recent study suggest a new brain-training intervention developed by researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green could signal a breakthrough in dementia prevention.

The Advanced Cognitive Training in Vital Elderly (ACTIVE) Study was published in Alzheimer's & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions. It involved more than 2,800 older adults who were evaluated for over a decade. Study participants were randomized into one of three brain-training groups or a control group that didn’t receive cognitive training.

The first group received information about strategies to improve memory, the second received information about ways to improve reasoning skills, and the third group received speed-of-processing training developed by the researchers. This special training, which included a computer game called “Double Decision,” reduced dementia risk by 29 percent, according to researchers.

Sourced from: MNT