Those Frustrating Migraine Symptoms - Aphasia

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With Migraine disease, there are many possible symptoms, including _ aphasia_. Aphasia is is loss or impairment of the power to use or comprehend words. It can start during the Migraine prodrome phase and continue through the headache phase.

Aphasia can impact our ability to use or comprehend spoken or written words. It can be as mild as having problems thinking of the right word for something, or it can be more severe, making our speech come out totally garbled. Aphasia is one of the symptoms of Migraine that can be especially frightening and confusing because it's also a common symptoms of stroke.

You may remember a very public display of aphasia as a Migraine symptom from last year when television reporter Serene Branson's speech suddenly became unintelligible during her reporting of the Grammy Awards. When this occurred, there was much speculation that she might have had a stroke, but it turned out to have been a Migraine with aura. (See _Serene Branson Had a Migraine, Not a Stroke _.)

Although aphasia is a common Migraine symptom, if you experience it during a Migraine, and you haven't had it with a Migraine before, it's advisable to check in with your doctor to be sure it's part of your Migraine and not something more.

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