Those Frustrating Migraine Symptoms - Neck Pain

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With Migraine disease, there are many possible symptoms, including neck pain. For too long, neck pain was ignored as a Migraine symptom. Many people thought they had neck issues that were triggering their Migraines, and some did, but more of them found that rather than being a trigger, the neck pain was a symptom of the Migraine attack.

When it's a symptom of a Migraine, neck pain can begin as early as the prodrome phase of the Migraine attack and sometimes continue through the postdrome.

A study conducted in 2010 showed that neck pain is such a common Migraine symptom that it occurs as a symptom of Migraine more commonly than nausea. You can read more about the study and neck pain during a Migraine in _Neck Pain As a Migraine Symptom _.

Also, although researchers haven't determined why, the presence of neck pain is associated with delayed treatment of Migraine attacks. It may be that Migraineurs still don't realize that the neck pain is a Migraine symptom, or it could be due to some other reason. For more information on this, see _Migraine Treatment Delayed by Neck Pain _.

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