Throat And Chest Burning


Asked by Jennifer

Throat And Chest Burning

I have severe burning in my throat and upper chest when I eat, drink, and exercise. It becomes worse with those activities, but I still have a sore throat and some chest pain even when I am not eating, drinking, or exercising. What is going on? When I exercise I cough up stomach acid. When I try to sleep I have to prop myself up quite a bit. I am used to basic reflux at night, but the severe burning in my throat and chest is new (for 1 week now) and very persistent, with very little let up.


I am really sorry you are dealing with this. I had a similar issue about a year ago and wound up on Prilosec in order to get relief. You should discuss your symptoms with your doctor so she can develop a plan for you.You may need a short stint of a reflux med in order to heal things up or you may need a longer term plan.

It does sound like you have classic symptoms of GERD (although your doctor will have to make that diagnosis.) You can try propping the head of your bed up by 4-6 inches (pillows do not work). That sometimes helps in the evenings. Eat five to six small meals a day. Try to avoid greasy or rich foods and do not eat within four hours of lying down.

Hope you find relief!

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