Throbbing And Pain In My Left Arm Wrist And Hand.


Asked by Connie

Throbbing And Pain In My Left Arm Wrist And Hand.

I am having throbbing (feels like getting your blood pressure taken pain shooting up and down my left arm also feeling numb at times.. Mostly in my hand (top side),wrist, forarm and my tricept. Feels very weak. Comes and goes. I don't work out with weights. I do have carpel tunnel syndrum. I am trying to figure out if this is related to that or if it is something more serious. I do have copd pretty bad. I do have a sinaurythema, heart beat flutters at times. I have no pain in my shoulder, neck or chest from this. But I also have chronic fibromyalgia. I have been experiencing this pain and throbbing for a week now. Can anyone help. Is this serious enough for me to go to the dr. I don't have health insurance.. It's not constant. It comes and goes and at times its very painful. I'm wondering if I am having onset symptions of a stroke or heart attack. Do I have something serious to worry about.


Hi Connie,

I encourage you to see your physician or go to the ER. The pain you are explaining could be related to carpel tunnel or even fibromyalgia, but a stroke or heart attack cannot be ruled out either unless the appropriate tests are run.

Symptoms of a stroke or heart attack

Best of luck,

Monica M. Skidmore, MS, RD