I Have A Tighteness In My Lower Side


Asked by luvinlabs

I Have A Tighteness In My Lower Side

hello, i have a tightness in my side at the lower area right about back hip line,,,, when i move a certain way its a pulling feeling,,could this be a pulled muscle? it started hurting 2 days ago, and it hasnt gone away,,, when i pull up with my arms to a sitting position in bed it painful.


It's impossible to diagnose over the internet and, of course, only a doctor can do that, anyway. It could be a pulled muscle; if it is you might try anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen to bring the inflammation down, a heating pad or ice or both (see which one works) and rest. Some people swear by Tiger Balm or other locally applied analgesics that can get into the muscle.

You also might want to try the 'Check a Symptom' box on the upper left hand side of the page and see what it says about your symptoms.

The rule of thumb is that if it doesn't improve after a couple of days you should see your doctor. Good luck!