Tightness In Forehead, Sensitive To Light, Ringing In Ears, Paranoia


Asked by MBS1995

Tightness In Forehead, Sensitive To Light, Ringing In Ears, Paranoia

Hi, for about three months now I have developed a tightness in my forehead between the eyebrows. Now I ave double vision and blurry vision. I don't get severe headaches but it is an awkward feeling in my forehead that I would very much like to go away, and I'm not absolutely sure but I may have had a seizure while I was sleeping. A terrible pain comes in my head and I seem to be aware of everything and the more I try to snap myself out of it the worse it gets. This has happened to me more than once, and I've had an increase in floaters that seem to be long strands all over my eyesight and flashes of light that seem to be constantly in my vision, almost as if I'm looking a static on a black and white television. I am also sensitive to light now and have ringing in my ears that comes and goes. Sadly this has caused me to become extremely paranoid because my peripheral vision in the corner of my eyes seems like it's moving on its own, causing me to think something is there when in fact it is nothing. Also my sensitivity towards light makes me nauseated if I am sitting down trying to focus on something far away, and after awhile my heart beats fast and I feel like I'm about to pass out. I recently had a CT scan and nothing showed up. I fear I may be developing a panic disorder from this. I am going to follow up with a neurologist, but please if anyone knows what I might be going through, it would be helpful.


Hi MBS1995,

I'd really like to help, but am unable to answer your question because it cannot be answered online. This is a good question to ask your doctor.

A diagnosis if Migraine requires symptoms other than headache -- nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or sound. You can read more about the phases of a Migraine attack and their symptoms in Anatomy of a Migraine.

Good luck


Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk