Time Needed For Delusions To Go Away?


Asked by champ123

Time Needed For Delusions To Go Away?


I'm wondering how can we check if meds are working to eliminate delusions out of a paranoid schizophrenic patient? She's on different meds for about 6 months and for last one month on clozapine 25 mg with haliperidol 5 mg and is able to behave normal except that her delusion of persecution won't go away or fade...any ideas how long will it take before this delusion could possibly go away? On her last visit, doctor just asked her to continue these medicines for 2 months before checking back with him...


Hello champ123,

Having been on meds only six months is too early and things could change for the better in the future. The main thing is for the patient to keep taking the meds even if the symptoms have not yet gone away completely. They could go away, that is entirely possible.

So keep the hope that things can change for the better.

The patient should also be honest with the psychiatrist about any new symptoms or changes in symptoms and after a good run with one medication if no improvement is seen the doctor should try every other med until the one is found to bring symptom relief.



Answered by Christina Bruni