Why Do I Have a Burning Pain in My Buttocks When I Sit?


Asked by jameson

Hi, I Have Had A Tingling/burning Sensation In My Buttocks When I Sit, And Now It Has Gone Down The

Hi, I'm 28 yrs old, not working at min, so laze about a lot, but about 12 weeks ago, I started to feel a little twitching feeling just above my right buttock, when I sat down, that has since gone and now I have been getting a tingling/burning sensation in both buttocks, when i sit down it is really bad that I have to fidget or move pretty quickly, this has been going on for about 6 weeks now, I went to the doctor for a examination, but all he did was prod and poke the bottom of my back, and told me to do some exercises. witch was- lay on my back on a hard surface and pull my knee's up to my chin, then back down again, he said do this 10x 3x a day, witch I have been doing now for nearly 3 weeks, the doctor told me it should be gone in 3 weeks, but I have now started to get the sensations down the back of both my legs just below the buttocks, its worse on the right buttock than the left, but on the front of the left thigh I keep getting a twitching feeling witch only started yesterday, ive done some looking on the web and scare's me what I see, can someone please help me, and put my mind at rest, many thanks jameson


Don't panic. The symptoms you describe could be a number of different things, most of which are not serious. It could be something as simple as sciatica or bursitis. Since it's not getting better, I would continue to pursue trying to get an accurate diagnosis. If your regular doctor isn't able to find anything, ask for a referral to an orthopaedic specialist. Or if your insurance doesn't require a referral, you could just schedule an appointment yourself.

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