I Have Tingling/heaviness/pain In My Left Outer/upper Breast And Armpit.


Asked by Michelle

I Have Tingling/heaviness/pain In My Left Outer/upper Breast And Armpit.

At first it seemed mostly cyclical (worse around ovulation & my period). My breasts are lumpy, but the lumps are mostly symmetrical (same on each side). At my annual exam last month the doctor said it is most likely fibrocystic tissue, but I'm scared. The fact that for the last month or so my left armpit seems swollen (lymph nodes?) and that the pain is mostly in one breast has me really concerned. I am 38 years old. I have an appointment for my first mammogram on Tuesday, but I'm worried that the area that is sore won't show up. It's not really my breast, it's the upper corner of my breast and my armpit. Will a simple mammogram cover any part of this area, or just the breast?


Michelle, the mammogram will pobably just address the tissue in your breast, without extending up into your armpit - even though some breast tissue does go up that far. The good news is, pain/tingling are ver rarely a breast cancer symptom; it's much more likely that what you're feelng is due to fibrocystic change, especially since you report it beginning as cyclical in nature. It's good that you're having tests done; breast changes should always be reported to your doctor, in order to rule out cancer. And, if at the conclusion of the tests you're still worried, it's certainly reasonable to ask for a second opinion from a breast specialist. But the odds are this isn't cancer; so, hopefully you can "relax" a bit as you wait for the mammogram (though it'll certainly be on your mind; it's only natural). Best of luck to you - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel