Tingling Scalp And Fatigue


Asked by thegnat

Tingling Scalp And Fatigue

I have been back and forth to many doctors over the past several years because I have had these odd flare-ups where my legs and hips are just killing me, I have a cold dripping sensation on one leg or the other, sometimes a feeling of burning in toes, I get hand tremors occasionally while holding items, I feel tired all of the time, along with other crazy sounding symptoms including tongue numbness and tingling and tingling/numbness of various points on the skin of my legs. The last two days, my scalp is just crawling/tingling and it is driving me insane. If I scratch it, there is a pain/tingling like a limb that has fallen asleep and is just waking up. I am tired of going to doctors that do nothing but take blood draws and neurological exams and tell me they don't know what is causing this. It seems like these flare ups happen especially when I am overly exhausted, sick, or stressed out.

Any thoughts? Could this be undiagnosed MS. I hope not, but I am at the end of my rope!



Hi there,

You have just described a symptom called paresthesia which can be associated with MS. Those odd sensations can certainly drive you crazy. However, paresthesias can be caused by many different diseases and disorders. Only you and your doctors can find the root cause and then do something about it. Good luck.

Answered by Lisa Emrich