Tips and Tricks for Dressing with Psoriasis

Patient Expert

I love fashion. I like to dress with style. But at times, having psoriasis can make it difficult to dress cute and feel comfortable. I have not come to a point with my disease where I am comfortable with "letting it all out" and baring it all for the world to see. I'm completely fine showing my skin to people who know I have psoriasis (family, friends, coworkers), but I'm not comfortable going into places with complete strangers and showing off my skin.

For most psoriasis patients, summer time is usually the hardest. It is a true challenge to look cute and cover up, all while trying not to over heat, but it can be done

While a lot of us are self-conscious about our disease, some of you can flaunt your psoriasis just as well as you can your clothes! Sometimes confidence is the best outfit, but for those who have not reached that point in their life with the disease please keep reading!

Here are some things you can do to be fashion forward even with your psoriasis.


Fabrics to wear

Since I don't like showing my skin, I have to choose fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. But sometimes this can pose a challenge. Lightweight fabrics include polyester, Nylon, and spandex, but these fabrics tend to not allow the skin to breathe. A disadvantage to polyester and nylon is that it stains very easy, and when you are using cremes and ointments, this can create a problem. I usually apply my creme 30 minutes before I put my clothes on and wipe off the excess ointment with a towel. In some cases if you have thick psoriasis, the imprint of the plaques can be seen through spandex. The best breathable fabric is cotton. Although some of the materials have their disadvantages, buying clothing with a combination of all these fabrics will give you a good balance of being lightweight, breathable, and fashionable. The tag inside the clothes will list all the fabrics it took to make the piece of clothing.


Lightweight shirt which is 100% polyester

Choose Light Colors

For most of us with psoriasis, flaking is a huge issue. And if your psoriasis is anything like mine, the flakes can show through your clothes. Its best to wear light colored clothes, so when flakes do decide to fall, they won't be as noticeable. When you wear dark colors those little white flakes that fall are very pronounced. Light colors will also help to keep you cool in the summer! For times you do decide to wear dark colors have a lint roller on hand to help eliminate some of the flakes, you can keep one at home and one in the car or at work. Also make sure to moisturize as much as possible to eliminate some of the flaking.

Tips and Tricks

I have a lot of tips and tricks I use to remain fabulous with my psoriasis. Here are some that you can use:


I have a variety of flesh-tone and different colored stockings that I wear with my outfits. Although wearing these items can be a bit uncomfortable in the summer, it's something I don't mind doing. You have your choice of a full stocking, knee highs, thigh highs, and ankle highs. I like to wear them when I'm wearing a dress or skirt like pictured below.


Me wearing a dress with one pair of fleshtone stockings and one pair of light weight black stockings. The flesh-tone gives my legs a smooth finish, which the black stockings give me "the look."


The top of my feet are covered with psoriasis, but I like to wear sandals. I try to find shoes that look like the ones pictured below. The design of the shoe camouflages plaques by making them less noticeable because of the stripy cross over design. Plus, the shoes look so fabulous they won't have to pay much attention to your skin, they'll be asking "where did you get your shoes from?" Men can also find shoes that cover the top half of their feet!



I like to wear big necklaces to cover up the plaques that are on my chest. For my hands and arms, I wear big stylish bangles that cover up my skin issues.


Show me some of your best outfits with psoriasis! Post them in the comment section below!