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A great many people passionately dislike exercise. Even though the benefits of exercise are many, the labor of the task and the discipline required can and does put off quite a few of us.

I used to take note of the most fit among us with a mix of envy and disdain. I wondered how it was these people managed to consistently draw from some personal well and returned to the gym or jogging path day after day? I will say that I am better about exercising than I used to be. The key for me is to be consistent although not regimental. I keep at, but do not live in a schedule. While I am not among the exercise happy just yet, I am moving closer. I enjoy working out for the most part and usually look forward to it.

Although I am not at present one of those fortunate people who glory in their own sweat, following are some tips as to how we can be more happy about exercise. Also, check out our infographic, “How Exercise Makes You Happy.

The Habits of the Workout HappyIf you want to promote enjoyable workouts, there are a few things you can do to make that happen. The first suggestion is so academic that I was blindsided by the simplicity of it.** If you wish a more enjoyable workout then only** ** do workouts you enjoy**. Start with what you know you like or with what interests you. If you choose routines that are not satisfying, you'll make excuses to not do them.

Exercising with a friend is another useful measure. People are less likely to skip that workout if someone else is involved, and the general camaraderie is enjoyable in and of itself. If you have doubts that friends might want to partake, try asking and you might be surprised!

Exercise outside whenever you can. The great outdoors, sunshine, and warm air are all pleasant enough, and you should use them whenever possible. Biking, jogging, canoeing and kayaking all fill the bill. One of my favorite outdoor activities is rowing; read about my experience in, “** Rowing Your Way to Better Health**.” Add to that, a 2011 study found that sweating outside was associated with an energy boost, increased engagement in the activity, and a better mental attitude.

It is easier to maintain a routine if there is flexibility. Instead of having a rigid schedule, plan to exercise a minimum number of days per week with no set days. If you do not always meet your goal, don't beat yourself up. View it as a missed day and get back on track.

Finally, don't get caught up in how much weight you would like to lose. Exercise has other benefits you can focus on in the short term, such as reducing stress and promoting a feeling of well-being. If you continue to exercise, the weight loss will come as well.

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