Tips for Planning a Romantic Evening

by Eileen Bailey Health Writer

Whether you have been married for years or just starting a new relationship, coming up with romantic, interesting dates is hard. You need to be creative and think about you, as a couple. What are your common interests? What types of activities do you enjoy - Outdoor, adventurous dates? Quiet, romantic? Exciting, interesting? Something totally different? As a couple, your ideas of romance may be completely different than mine or your best friends.

Rather than thinking in terms of creating the perfect or most romantic date, think in terms of creating memories. This way, no matter how the date turns out, you have something to look back on and remember, hopefully, with a smile on your face.

Use the following ideas, not to specifically plan your date, but to get your creative juices flowing. Mold the tips to fit your unique relationship.

Try something new. If you usually end up going out for dinner and then taking in a movie, plan a surprise. Try a new type of food; go for Thai or Indian food instead of your normal fare. Instead of a movie, visit a local art gallery. Find something totally different than what you usually do when going out.

When going with take-out, change up where you eat dinner. Instead of sitting in front of the television, get out your best china and light some candles. Fast-food can take on a whole new meaning if you create an intimate setting to go with it.

Send your spouse, partner or date and invitation to dinner.
This can be dinner at your house or an evening on the town. Include on the dinner that it is "formal" although tuxes and long evening gowns aren't necessary, it can be fun and romantic to get dressed up.

Make sure there aren't any distractions.
If you have children, make plans for them to spend the night with relatives or friends. Put a basket by the front door to place cell phones and make sure you plan your evening for a night when there isn't any other important events going on that will take your partner's attention.

Add romantic aromas. Use scented candles, air fresheners or spices you toast in your frying pan to fill the house with sensuous or romantic scents. If you aren't planning on spending the evening at home, pick up a car freshener for the car to help set the mood when traveling to and from your date. If you intend to end up back at home, be prepared with scents to fill the room.

Feed each other rather than using utensils. Make it a fun, romantic dinner but plan ahead by cooking foods that can be easily fed to one another. Remember to create a romantic atmosphere for your dinner. You may want to place a blanket on the floor and create an indoor picnic filled with various finger foods. Be sure to include romantic beverages - wine (non-alcoholic if you prefer) or exotic drinks work well.

Plan a night of dancing. Check out the local entertainment, making sure to find a band or club that has a good selection of slow dance music so you can enjoy having your arms around one another all through the evening. If staying home, create the atmosphere by lighting candles or dimming the lights and creating a CD of your favorite love songs.

Skip trying to be romantic and do something "fun." The summer months are great for local carnivals - you can play games and end the night taking a ride on the ferris wheel. Or make plans to spend the afternoon canoeing at a local park, go to a sporting event, playing mini-golf, going skating or, if staying in, plan a night of board games. You may find that romance sparks when you both just relax and have fun together.

Make reservations to go to a spa together. Include services like his-and-her massages. If staying in, take a bubble bath together or buy sensual oils and give each other a massage.

Make a list of fountains and waterfalls in your area and spend the day or evening visiting each one. Pack a picnic lunch or dinner to have sitting next to the most romantic one you find.

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