Tips for Winter Skin Care

by Eileen Bailey Health Writer

During the winter months, your skin, hair, and nails might all need special care. The cold, dry air combined with even drier air inside your home (from your heating system), can make your skin dry and flaky, your nails peel, and your hair look dull. Over the years, we have published various posts to help you during the cold months. The following posts contain tips, ideas and information to help you look your best when the weather is at its worst.


10 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Caring for Dry Skin and Using Moisturizers

Which Moisturizer is Best for You? - With so many different moisturizing products available, it's hard to know which one to use. We break down what you should look for, and what you should avoid, based on your skin type.

Winter Itch - For some people, the winter brings along the "winter itch." Their skin feels itchy and they might have a rash of small bumps. Winter itch is caused by dry skin. Find out what you can do to lessen the effects of winter dryness on your skin.

Tips for Caring for Dry Skin - More general tips to help you protect yourself from the winter weather.

Taking Care of Hands and Feet

11 Tips to Help Protect Your Hands During the Winter Months - On a daily basis hands are exposed to the cold and winter and can end up dry and chapped. Take time each day to pay attention to your hands and make sure they are protected.

Tips for Keeping Your Feet Pretty During the Winter Months - During the summer months, you show off your feet with sandals and flip flops, and take more time to make sure they look nice. But in the winter your feet are put into shoes and boots, so it doesn't seem as important to take care of your feet. But caring for your feet is just as important during the winter. Use our tips to make sure your feet are pretty year round.

Taking Care of Your Nails and Hair

13 Tips for Caring During Your Nails During the Winter Months - It isn't only your skin that needs extra moisture during the winter months. Using hot water in your showers and while washing dishes, applying hand sanitizers, and being in the cold and wind can dry out your nails causing them to crack and peel. Find out what you need to do to keep your nails looking healthy and strong.

10 Tips to Help Keep Your Hair Healthy in the Winter - During the winter months your hair might also become dry and brittle. You might notice more split ends. With a few precautions you can make sure your hair looks and stays healthy throughout the winter.


9 Tips for Psoriasis Care During the Winter Months - Many people find their psoriasis worsens during the winter months. The cold, dry air might contribute to this, but so do wearing heavier clothes that can rub and irritate psoriasis plaques. We have tips to help you keep your psoriasis under control.

Sun Protection

Can We Skip the Sunscreen in the Winter? A Dermatologist Answers Our Questions? - During the summer months you know sun protection is important but did you know it is just as important during the winter months?


Avoid Frostbite This Winter- In areas where the temperatures dip well below zero, frostbite becomes a daily concern. But prolonged exposure to temperatures below 23 degrees F can cause frostbite. And frostnip is a more common problem which causes the superficial freezing of the outer layers of your skin. Learn about both frostbite and frostnip and how to avoid them.

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