Tips to Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs

by Alvin Hopkinson Patient Expert

Each year millions of individuals are diagnosed with hypertension and many die from it. This is among the diseases that is not simple to detect. Many people do not suffer symptoms or the symptoms go unnoticed until it is too late for treatment to work effectively. If you have been diagnosed with hypertension there are medications you can take or you can modify your lifestyle to lower blood pressure without drugs.

Many doctors will immediately treat hypertension with medication in order to gain control. However, in many cases you can make some lifestyle changes instead of taking the medication. In the event you physician feels you should begin taking the medication first you can still change your lifestyle in an effort to soon be free of taking medication for your hypertension.

Several factors have been known to increase the risk of being diagnosed with hypertension. The biggest factor is obesity. In many people that are severely overweight they are causing unnecessary stress on their heart. They are making the heart work harder to do its job and often the heart can not keep up with the demands of the body.

Eventually, this can lead to coronary failure. Here are a few other factors that can lead to hypertension, neglect of exercise, elevated sodium intake and stress. Here are some tips to help you modify your lifestyle and overcome hypertension:

  • Avoid pollutants, such as smoke. If you are a smoker it is important that you quit and stay away from locations that will put you around smoke.

  • Lose unnecessary weight.

  • Eat healthy foods in smaller portions.

  • Include in your diet foods that are high in fiber, protein rich and low sodium. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet daily.

  • Stay away from fast food and meals that are already prepared.

  • Check the labels on the foods you buy. Try to purchase foods that are low in sodium and salt.

  • Begin an exercise routine and stick with it.

  • Speak with a nutritionist to put together a diet plan that will benefit you.

  • Drink alcoholic beverages in moderation, only on occasion. If at all possible, avoid alcohol altogether.

It is important that you make the changes that you are able to make in your life. For those, such as smoking that you might require assistance, you should seek the help to make the changes. Not only will the above mentioned changes benefit your blood pressure, but you overall health will also increase.

With exercise you can improve your mental state, self esteem and enjoy a boost in energy. It is completely possible to lower blood pressure without drugs if you stick with a plan that has been approved by your doctor.

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