Tired of Diabetes...

Patient Expert

Recently, I have been venting a lot about my frustrations with diabetes, sorry to be such a downer.

Just been in a totally bad mood about it. I've been really struggling with having a lot of low blood sugars, and then those annoying rebounding highs the past couple of weeks. Ugh!!

I have also been very busy at work and I have been just feeling so overwhelmed lately. My control feels OUT OF CONTROL. I haven't been sleeping well either. Going to bed really late isn't helping my situation.

Then there is the beeping from the CGM, that drives me absolutely insane. So, basically what I have been doing is wearing it for a week, then after the sensor ends, I take a two day break. I really love the CGM though and having it on during the week and on my way to work and home, truly gives me piece of mind traveling to and from Manhattan. Before the CGM I had patterns of low blood sugars while on the subways coming home from work at night. If you have even been on a NYC subway you will know you do not want to have a low blood sugar or pass out on one of those trains. EWWW.

Anyway, I have been meaning to share something pretty cool with everyone. "I'm Tired of Diabetes Bracelets" since I have been so tired of diabetes lately, I finally remembered to write about them.

I first saw them at the Diabetes Research Institute's Hype or Hope conference back in October and kept forgetting to write about it. They are made from recycled tires and metal, hence the name. One side has "I'm Tired of" and the other "diabetes".   Even if you don't have diabetes they are pretty cool to wear.

Check them out here


The best part of these bracelets is that they cost $10 and they donate $5 to one of my favorite diabetes charities. The Diabetes Research Institute, the world leader in cure-focused research.

If you are "tired" of diabetes like me, you should think about getting one. I think they are cool. Just thought I would   share that bit of info with you all!

Sorry for the commercial... now back to your regularly scheduled blog haha