Would Tmj Affect The Inside Of My Mouth And Salivary Gland?


Asked by David in Orlando

Would Tmj Affect The Inside Of My Mouth And Salivary Gland?

The left side of my face ONLY is affected. It feels like- but I can't be certain- my salivary glands are involved. I was wondering if TMJ would cause a symptom like that? I have NO PROBLEM with producing saliva, it just feels like my salivary gland near my left ear and cheek tingles and is full of cotton. My face still has sensation, but inside my face feels weird- like it is stuffed with cotton or something. It moves around too. One day it is near my left eye, the next day it is near my chin/upper lip. This is the left side ONLY. Can TMJ do that? Since this sensation, I have developed tight jaw hinges and they are painful- both sides. I am just worried that I have something wrong with my salivary glands and would be relieved to know that TMJ can cause this type of sensation. My upper side teeth also seem to cause abrassions on the inside of my cheek when I smile a lot or sip from a straw. I rinse with Listerine and it stings on the inside of my mouth where my side upper molars hit my cheek. So do I have a problem with my salivary glands or is it TMJ? HELP!


I really can't tell you if it is due to salivary gland problems or to TMJ but TMJ can cause many different symptoms including those associated with the salivary glands. Those glands are right near the hinge of the jaw and they easily be affected by problems in that area. If you don't have dry mouth then you don't have the most common disease of the salivary glands - Sjogren's Syndrome. From what I've read TMJ pain is often one-sided.

Is it TMJ or something else? Be sure to get a thorough examination from your doctor.


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