Tmj & Blurred Visions


Asked by Cheri

Tmj & Blurred Visions

I have TMJ and for the last several months my eyes have been getting blurry. I understand this is one of the symptoms of TMJ. When reading or looking at something upclose such as the computer, when I look up, my eyes are blurry and it takes a while for them to focus back. Also my eyes have been just getting blurry on and off for no TMJreason. I have been to my eye doctor and he can't find anything wrong with me but he also can't get my perscription right because my eyes keep going blurry. I would like to know exactly what the specifics are when I read that Blurry Vision is a symptom of TMJ.


Blurred vision from TMJ has to do with the sphenomandibularis muscle, which runs from the mandible (lower jaw) to the sphenoid bone behind the eye. When the sphenomandibularis muscle spasms, it rotates the sphenoid bone, causing the vision to blur.

Click here to see a drawing of the sphenomandibularis muscle: Sphenomandibularis Muscle

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