Does TMJ Cause arm Weakness, neck pain and Headaches?


Asked by Therapist001

Tmj Cause Arm Weakness, Pain In Neck, Uppoer Back, And Chronic Miraine-like Headaches?

I have had TMJ (lest side of jaw) as long as I can remember. Have loud poppoing/clicking when opening mouth fully. Have had problems for a long time with trapezius muscle, left arm weakness/pain, chest muscle pain that radiates to the upper back on my left side. Since Nov. 2009, I have had daily, migraine-like headaches. Can't find the cause and have underwent a multitude of MRI's etc.. Never been actually diagnosed with TMJ and the doctors have not asked. I did not realize TMJ could cause SEVERE headaches that are daily. Do you think the symptoms fit? Thanks so much for your help.


I wonder if this could all be muscle related? Have you thought of seeing a kinesiologist or a chiropracter - someone who could determine if you have a spasming muscle somewhere? I guess you've had your spine looked at?

TMJ can certainly cause migraine-like headaches. Some TMJ practitioners use massage and I wonder if the right kind of massage, done consistently enough, could relieve substantial amounts of tension and stress in these constricted muscles and provide substantial relief. Just an idea! Good luck.

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