Can Tmj Cause High Blood Pressure


Asked by wayne

Can Tmj Cause High Blood Pressure

i was in a acident in aug 08 1 mo latter my right side of my jaw below my ear cracked went to emg they say it was tmj and my blood pressure was high i was getting a few little dizzy spells now and then sometime a little blurred vison nov 7 08 i woke up with being very dizzy had to hold wall to go to washroom went to doc he gave menovo betahistine and micardis blood pressure pills next day went to other doc he told me to take tow pressure pills instead of one that night i end up in emerg blood pressure 230/120 they say i did not have a heart attack was it mybe tmj let me know what you think thankyou wayne


All I can provide is a link to list of TMJ symptoms - none of which suggest that high blood pressure is linked to TMJ. Dizziness can be associated with it and pain, of course but high blood pressure is certainly not commonly associated with it.