Who Would I See For Tmj, A Doctor Or Dentist?


Asked by chrissy

Who Would I See For Tmj, A Doctor Or Dentist?

I believe I have TMJ. Have had pain for a few months. Slight pain at first - only when chewing. Now it's constant jaw pain & clicking when I open my mouth too wide. (It took me a half hour to eat a half sandwich last week!) Also, I've noticed pain at the bridge of my nose. Are these related? Please help! Thanks.


According to the American Pain Foundation you can go to either one; the key is finding someone who's knowledgeable in TMJ. Neither the American Medical Association or the American Dental Association recognizes a TMJ specialty - that means there are no standard courses for TMh treatment and anyone can advertise themselves as a TMJ specialist - so check out your doctors carefully. They also recommend that you get a second opinion and be careful to engage in 'reversible' treatments. (Non-reversible treatment include things like changing your bite).


Check out the TMJ Association for more tips - they are the most prominent non-profit TMJ group (http://www.tmj.org/) and check out some home self-care tips for this disorder


Good luck!

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