Does TMJ Cause Your Temples to Burn like fire and Throb?


Asked by Louisiana Real Estate Agent

If You Have Tmj, Does Your Temples Burn Like Fire And Throb????

What could this be????My temples have been burning like fire....It feels like someone is taking a burning torch and sticking it straight into my temples about 6 inches deep. I feel it pulsating and it throbs giving me a pain from hell....Have you have heard of this before??? Somebody please help or guide me, because I have been around the world with doctors.....I am desperate for answers....THANKS


From your question, I can't tell if you know you have TMJ and are wondering if burning and throbbing temples could be part of that, or if you're looking for a cause for the burning and throbbing and wondering if TMJ is a possibility. So my answer will take both into account.

If you've been diagnosed with TMJ, it's possible the temple pain could be related since TMJ can lead to all kinds of problems from the head down to the neck and shoulders. However, if you don't have any other TMJ symptoms, it's unlikely that would be the only symptom. See: Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

A couple of other possibilities you might look into are Neuropathic Facial Pain and Migraine disease.

• Here's a link to more information on Neuropathic Facial Pain:

• I've also sent your question to Teri Robert, the lead expert on our MyMigraineConnection site, and asked her to comment on any possible connection to Migraine disease.

The pain you describe sounds miserable. I wish you the best and hope you're able to pinpoint the cause and find effective treatment very soon.

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