Today My Left Breast Is Swollen, Hot, Sore And Has A Hard Lump That Wasn't There Yesterday?


Asked by Sofia

Today My Left Breast Is Swollen, Hot, Sore And Has A Hard Lump That Wasn't There Yesterday?

I am 49; I am healthy and just a few weeks back had my regular check up, breast exam and pap, every thing was normal with the exception of a very bad yeast infection. My breast exam was normal. Last week had my annual mammogram, which I haven't received the results. But today, while I was working at the computer I noticed that my left breast felt really sore and it continued to the point where I took off my bra and noticed that it was hot, swollen, and then I felt a hard lump that wasn't there before. As the day has progress it hurts more and now I am very concern. What could it be and what should I do? Wait for my test results, have another mammogram? Are there side effect to having a mammogram? Can a lump show up that fast? Should I massage it?


A lump that comes up that fast could be a cyst or, given the swelling, an abscess. The most likely cause of a hot, swollen breast is some type of infection, but a remote possibility would be inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). Some women do experience pain after a mammogram, but usually less than a week later. Call the doctor and ask for an appointment. If he or she thinks the lump is a cyst, an ultrasound will confirm that diagnosis. If the doctor thinks it's an infection, then an antibiotic will be prescribed, and another mammogram won't be necessary. If the antibiotic doesn't work within a week, then you will need more screening for IBC. Usually that involves imaging tests like a mammogram, ultrasound, and maybe an MRI. Then a biopsy is usually done. You can read more about other possible causes of breast pain in this link. Probably the cause will be something easy to treat, but you do need to be proactive in getting this diagnosed accurately. My best wishes to you as you look for answers.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson