Today's Stress Level Predicts Tomorrow's Migraine Risk


In people who have frequent migraines, a new model that measures stress could predict the risk for developing a migraine headache the following day, according to research conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Results of the study were published in Headache.

The study involved 95 people with migraines and 4,195 total days of headache diary data; participants reported migraine attacks in their diaries on 1,613 days. By measuring the frequency of stressful events and the perception of the stressful events, researchers determined that, while the participants’ stress levels were low to moderate overall, they were higher on the day before a migraine.

The hope is that this model could be used in the future to improve prophylactic treatment for migraine. Identifying risk for migraine and treating the condition preemptively could reduce pain and disability caused by migraine headaches.

Sourced from: News Medical