Toddler Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

A three-year-old American girl has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, making her possibly the youngest patient of the condition linked to obesity.

The Hispanic toddler was brought to a clinic in Houston, exhibiting symptoms of excessive thirst and urination. She weighed 77 pounds and had a body mass index in the top 5 percent of children in her age group.

Tests revealed she had high blood sugar levels, but she tested negative for antibodies that indicate type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune form of the disease.

Because she was so young and had trouble swallowing tablets, the young girl was given a liquid form of the drug metformin and put on a diet. After six months she had lost weight and was able to stop treatment, showing that the condition can be reversed in children with therapy and lifestyle changes.

Type 2 diabetes used to be called “adult-onset” diabetes, because it was most prevalent among the middle-aged and elderly. But because of increasingly poor dietary habits and lack of exercise, the number of children diagnosed with the condition keeps rising.

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Sourced from: Reuters, Toddler with type 2 diabetes highlights global obesity epidemic