Was Told Herpes Test Was Positive...doctor Claims I Was Exposed But Not Infected


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Was Told Herpes Test Was Positive...doctor Claims I Was Exposed But Not Infected

about a month ago during my yearly check up with my gynecologist, i informed her that i wanted to get tested for a ful STD screening. i've never had any symptoms for anything before, i've had HIV/AIDS testing done which have been negative, and i just wanted to be tested to be sure of my health. anyway a week ago her office calls asking me to come in to discuss my results which i went to today. well, she tells me all my tests were negative excpt that my herpes test was positive. before i coud reply she also tells me that my test was only positive because i had been EXPOSED within the past three months and i DO NOT actually have the disease/ infection. i'm not really sure what the hell THAT means but i am more than ready to get re-tested...even by another doctor. however in the meantime can someone tell me what my results actually mean? please help.

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So you probably had an IgM test which shows "recent exposure" (IgG just shows that at some point in your life, even quite in the past - you had an exposure.

I'm no sure why she would use the phrase "you don't have it now" unless she is referring to the fact that you don't have active lesions - the physical rash that comes with recurrences. But in terms of having herpes -a positive test means you are carrying the herpes virus and can expose others with unprotected sex.

You can get false positives in testing so culturing from lesions is one way to secure a definitive diagnosis. Having a PCR test and IgG or IgM as a 2 test approach might confirm your diagnosis or prove it as a false positive. So if you want to pursue that - just be aware that the PCR test is expensive.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.