Tonic Water (Quinine?) Craving


Asked by FAS

Tonic Water (Quinine?) Craving

I have Unipolar depression, currently being treated with 150mg Effexor and 40mg Amitrip. I have recently (under my psychiatrists supervision) begun to stop both of these medications and will replacing them with a MAOI. I have begun to have intense craving for tonic water. I have never been much of a drinker but do enjoy a gin and tonic. But I have intense craving just for the tonic. Would this be related to coming off the medications I am currently on? Thanks!


Hi -

Sure, that could be the result of withdrawal - people have reported all sorts of problems associated with withdrawal from effexor. If you mean by amitrip amitriptyline - or elavil - that's an older antidepressant that's famous for a dry-mouth side effect, while you're taking it.

Why the craving should be limited to tonic water is pretty unusual, but alcohol is not a good thing to mix with antidepressants. The interaction of different chemicals can vary a lot.

Anyway - talk to your doctor. You never know when something else might be going on apart from a withdrawal reaction.


Answered by John Folk-Williams