Top 5 Life-Changing Mental Health Books: Merely Me's List

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Hi everyone

My post today is inspired by member Andrew who has recommended a book called _Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-Stage Journey Out of Depression. _

I always love a good book recommendation and we thank you for your suggestion

It got me to thinking about my favorite books about depression.   Here is my top five list.   Bear with me as some might seem a little odd.

If my house were burning down this is a book I would hope to rescue.

It is a sliver of a book, less than a hundred pages but it is jam packed with advice on how to live sanely.   A friend of mine let me borrow this book and I didn't want to give it back, so I bought my own to keep.   I have read this book many times over and each time it reinforces values and principles which help me to remember what is important in life.   I highly recommend this book no matter your religious background.

  • Dark Nights of the Soul:   A Guide to Finding Your Way Through Life's Ordeals by Thomas Moore

    This is a phenomenal book for so many reasons.   One reason is that Moore takes the pathology out of depression and replaces it with meaning.   He suggests to not look upon depression as our enemy but as the beginning of a transformation, one we can only go through during the "dark nights of our soul."   He takes the journey with us so we can see the other side...healing.

  • Unholy Ghost:   Writers on depression edited by Nell Casey

    Writers and readers alike are going to love this book.   It is filled with the firsthand experience of depression and how mood transforms writing.   If you have ever wanted to know how it feels to have depression this is a marvelous book which covers all the many nuances of mood and sadness by some of the best writers.

  • Hardcore Zen:   Punk Rock, monster movies and truth about reality by Brad Warner.

    Okay so this isn't exactly a self-help mental health book.   But I feel that reading this book may improve your mental health or at least help you see the world a little differently.   The title says it all as the author covers all these topics and more.   This is probably one of the best books to describe Zen Buddhism in a down to earth way.

For more information about Buddhist philosophy and depression please read my article, [_Can the Practice of Buddhist Detachment Make You Feel Happier?_](

Now it is your turn!   Please share your list of books that you feel have helped you to cope with your depression or life challenges.   Don't worry if they are quirky.   Hey, look at mine!

Looking forward to reading your lists!