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I have been getting headaches ever since my son was born 5 and a half years ago. They are entirely too frequent and come like twice a week in a migraine style. Sometimes it is still difficult for me to place differences between a simple headache that is curable with Motrin. or if it is going to be a migraine. And because I don't usually get incredibly sick (vomiting, etc.) when I do have a migraine, it's hard for me to tell sometimes whether or not I should take the migraine med right away. Any advice on the differences of headaches? Thank you Danielle.


Dear Joel;

From what you said, you must not experience the aura phase of Migraine. You might, however experience the phase before aura, the prodrome, but not realize it.

I'd suggest brushing up on prodrome symptoms to see if you recognize any as familiar. Here's where you can find some information:

Anatomy of a Migraine
When many people think "migraine" they think only of the pain of migraine. In reality, a migraine episode consists of far more. The typical migraine episode actually consists of four parts, referred to as phases or components.

If you find that you do experience some prodrome symptoms, and can become more attuned to your body, you'll find the prodrome a handy warning of the impending headache phase of the Migraine attack.

Here are some other differences between a headache and the headache phase of a Migraine attack:

  • The pain of a Migraine is usually pulsating
  • Most Migraineurs experience sensitivity to light and/or sound during a Migraine attack.
  • Bending over, climbing stairs, or other physical activity generally makes Migraine pain worse.

Good luck,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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