Top Multiple Sclerosis Articles of 2018

Patient Expert

In 2018, our wonderful team of patient experts — Lisa Emrich, Trevis Gleason, and Jackie Zimmerman — worked with our health writers to bring you the latest news, inspirational stories, and advice on not just managing but thriving with MS.

Please take some time to revisit your favorite articles of the year and discover a few new ones with this review of the top MS articles of 2018.

Thrive with MS: Focus on inspiration, purpose, and self-care

Inspirational individuals: Interviews, stories, and profiles

Support systems: How to offer, seek, and accept support

Living with MS: Self-advocacy, emotional health, and self-care

Living with MS: Financial, legal, and social matters

Lifestyle tips for home, mobility, safety, and fun

Travel tips: Logistics, security, and confident conversation

Doctors, testing, and diagnosis: What you need to know

MS research: Brain health, clinical trials, and progressive MS

MS medications: Switching treatments, infused therapies, and all about Ocrevus

Living with MS: Managing symptoms, relapses, and comorbidity

Welcoming 2019

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