Top Ten Osteoporosis Exercises

Top Ten Osteoporosis Exercises

When we are diagnosed with osteoporosis we're told to include weight bearing exercises in our bone loss treatment plan.
So what is weight bearing exercise?
Weight bearing exercise is any exercise that you do while bearing your body's weight where the bones and muscles work against gravity.

What does weight bearing exercise do for our bone?

This type of exercise is crucial for good bone health because when we do this type of exercise, the muscle pulls against the bone which in turn helps to restore bone strength and density.

For those who get confused about the difference between non-weight bearing and weight bearing exercise, here are two examples of non-weight bearing exercise that would not cause the necessary force of gravity needed.
Bicycling and swimming are just two types of exercise that would not be considered weight bearing.

Before starting any new exercise routine, check with your doctor to see if you can do these safely based on your level of strength and exercise ability.** Weight Bearing Exercises:** High Impact:

  1. Running/Jogging

  2. Hiking

  3. Dancing

  4. High impact aerobics

  5. Stair climbing

  6. Tennis

  7. Jumping rope

Low Impact:

  1. Low impact aerobics

  2. Elliptical/Stair step machines

  3. Walking

Low impact exercises are good for our bones and are wonderful choices of exercises if we can't do the high impact recommendations due to physical limitations, like arthritis, spine and hip problems and any other orthopedic injury or condition that limits your ability to exercise.

Many of us love to dance, so we've included a video below from the National Osteoporosis Society in the United Kingdom on "Boogie for Your Bones" with choreographer Craig Revel Horwood from the UK TV show, "Strictly Come Dancing."

The video looks like a lot of fun, and the choreography is truly inspired, so try it and see if you don't have a great time.

I want to thank the National Osteoporosis Society (NOS) and Craig Revel Horwood for providing it.

I wish you all luck with these exercises, and hope they get you started out right on a life long routine of exercises that are great for your bones and over-all health.

Exercises from the National Osteoporosis Foundation 2010

Video from the National Osteoporosis Society, United Kingdom 2010

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