Top Ten Reasons Why It's Okay to Be Depressed for the Holidays

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  1. You go caroling and are told that you do a mean Alvin the Chipmunk impersonation.
  2. You show your kids that it is possible for Santa to come down the chimney and end up getting stuck.
  3. You are still looking for Tickle Me Elmo.
  4. You never got the Red Ryder BB gun you wanted as a kid.
  5. You did get the Red Ryder BB gun you wanted and almost shot your eyes out with it.
  6. You keep standing under mistletoe but nothing ever happens.
  7. Your grandmother really did get run over by a reindeer.
  8. There is nothing to watch on TV but It's a Wonderful Life.
  9. You finally remember a repressed memory of eating what your childhood friend told you was lemonade flavored snow.
  10. You get the deluxe fruitcake at the office party gift exchange as you watch your nemesis co-worker get an ipod.

Feel free to add to the list here.   I know... David Letterman I'm not.   I wanted to end this year on a more lighthearted and humorous note (hopefully).   And I wanted to tell you that if you are feeling depressed this time of year it is okay.   Tons of people get the holiday blues.   I am right there with you.   It seems every year starting around Thanksgiving I begin to feel  that familiar melancholy  and it doesn't let up until into the new year.   There are some years I am thankful when I see the Christmas tree laying out on the curb to be picked up.   Of course I would never admit this to anyone but you.

Despite feeling blue around the holidays it is possible to still find some joy.   Simply take one thing you do enjoy about the holidays and focus upon that.   Build a fire in the fireplace, watch old movies, eat Santa's cookies, take a wintry walk in the woods, hug your cat, sing a carol.   As bah humbug as you may feel, this can be an opportunity to re-discover some of the magic of living.   You just have to allow yourself to feel it.

So come on...let's go outside and wait for snow.   I have been sitting out here waiting for the Great Pumpkin all this time so it will be good to have company.

I do hope you all have a most joyous and peace filled holiday season.