My HDL is 113, LDL is 118, and TG are 69. Is this Healthy?


Asked by HihoSilver

My Total Cholesterol Is 245, But My Hdl Is 113, My Ldl 118 And My Tryglicerides 69, How Healthy Is

my cholesterol??


Hi HihoSilver,

It's best to discuss your risk with your MD, but I'll give you my input based on your numbers alone.

You total cholesterol is high, but I feel this is counteracted by your excellent HDL level and great low triglycerides. Some MD's may prefer your LDL to be less than 100, but considering all other factors are within normal, I feel you are safe keeping LDL less than 130 mg/dl.

Again, consult your MD.

All the best,

Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

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