My Total Cholesterol Is 180, Ldl Is 115


Asked by Randy L.

My Total Cholesterol Is 180, Ldl Is 115

I am a 47 year old female. Physical activity would probably be considered sedentary as I dont workout and sit at a computer all day. My doctor called to tell me that my total cholesterol is 180, but also made a point of telling me that LDL is 115. He also told me that my CARDIO CRP was slightly elevated, but felt it was indicative of a non-cardiac inflammmation. Is there a relationship to LDL and Cardio CRP? And, is 115 LDL, high-low-or indifferent?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Randy,

Here are the recommendations of the American Heart Association:

Total cholesterol less than 200

HDL cholesterol at least > 40, ideally > 60

LDL cholesterol at least less than 130, ideally less than 100

Triglycerides less than 150

So, you're LDL isn't bad, it's just not great.

There can be a "round-a-bout" link between CRP and LDL levels. If a high level of LDL particles are oxidized and contributing to plaque build-up within artery walls and subsequent lesions, etc. This can cause elevated CRP levels. However, oxidized LDL levels typically are not a concern unless LDL is elevated. At 115, you wouldn't be considered high risk. But, if you're concerned, speak with your MD about completing an expanded lipid profile to better assess your heart disease risk.

All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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