How Do I Improve my Cholesterol Levels?


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Hi Subhash,

Okay, let me give you some tips to help improve your cholesterol levels.

First, your total cholesterol of 155 is good, you want to stay below 200. Your HDL is low at 27. HDL should be above 40 and ideally above 60. LDL is great, keep it below 130. VLDL and triglycerides are high. You want triglycerides to be less than 200 (your MD may prefer less than 150) and VLDL less than 40. So, what to do?

The best way to boost HDL is by increasing your physical activity, especially aerobic activities (walk, jog, bike, swim, etc.).

In addition to being more active, limit unhealthy fats. Look at your saturated fat and trans fat intake and see where you can make cuts. Your total fat intake for the day should be limited to 30% of your daily calories. Of this 30%, only 10% should be from saturated fat and ideally zero from trans fats.

Adding heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids would be a benefit. Here are three articles where you can learn more about using omega 3's - Get a Grip on Fatty Acids, Top 5 Omega 3 Sources to Lower Cholesterol, Omega 3's - How much to lower cholesterol?

Alcohol plays a role in raising HDL levels also. I'm not a big advocate of using alcohol to raise HDL, so if you already consume alcohol 1-2 drinks per day can raise levels. More than 1-2 drinks per day will increase your health problems. If you do not drink, do not start.

Be sure to include sources high in fiber in your daily diet (especially soluble fiber), such as whole grain products, fruits, and vegetables daily.

Now, I'm going to refer you to an article I recently wrote for tips to lower your triglycerides. VLDL is estimated based on triglycerides (VLDL = Triglycerides divided by 5, in your case 278 divided by 5 = 56); therefore, as you lower triglycerides, you'll also lower VLDL.

Here's a link to the article: Triglycerides: Why they matter and how to lower them

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Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

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