Can You Take Tramadol and Lyrica at the Same Time?


Asked by Susan

Can You Take Tramadol and Lyrica at the Same Time?

I am taking tramadol for pain and today the Dr gave me Lyrica to try since the tramadol was not doing much to help. Can I continue to take both medicines?


Tramadol and Lyrica are compatible with caution because the combination can lead to extra drowsiness, confusion, or cloudiness. Starting at a low dose of Lyrica 50 mg per day and titrating up as tolerated and as becomes effective is advisable. Take it slow, week by week, in order to see if this combination will be effective for you.

Another combination worth considering, if tramadol is not effective and causing side effects, is Nucynta and Lyrica. These two drugs offer a good one-two punch for nerve pain.

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Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

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