How Do I Treat A Vaginal Wall Tear?


Asked by Shay

How Do I Treat A Vaginal Wall Tear?

Is it possible for a tear in the vaginal wall to heal on its own, or is it something that can only be treated by a doctor?


Whether or not you need to see a doctor will depend on the extent of the tear.   Does it bleed even without intercourse?   If it does, then the tear is probably extensive enough that you should be checked.   If it's just a little spotting or only happens with penetration, then it is probably superficial and will heal on its own.   First and foremost, you should abstain from sex until it heals.  I hope you have been using condoms because that will cut down on the chances of an infection, but no intercourse now with or without a condom.   You need to let it heal completely.   If the area is sore and it this doesn't go away soon even without sex, then you definitely need to see a doctor to check the extent of any tear and see if you have an infection.

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