Treat Patients, Learn the Process

Doctors cram a lot of learning into their years in medical school. But at least one university aims to go beyond the usual training about science, anatomy and treatments. Students at George Washington are also learning about the healthcare system they’re preparing to enter.

“Clinicians today have to graduate being great providers of individual care,” Dr. Lawrence Deyton tells NPR about the program. “But they also have to recognize and be able to act on the fact that their patients, when they leave the clinic or leave the hospital, are going home [and] living in situations where there are all kinds of factors that promote and perpetuate chronic disease.”

Students develop apps and suggest ways to make sure patients are taking their medicine after they leave the hospital or clinic. That means that, “as they're learning about diseases and conditions, they're recognizing those public health and population health and social determinants of health factors,” Deyton says.

Skills that may help them be better doctors in the decades to come.

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: NPR, This Med School Teaches Health Policy Along With The Pills