Any Treatment Options For Tight Hymenal Ring At Age 51?


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Any Treatment Options For Tight Hymenal Ring At Age 51?

I was diagnosed with a tight hymenal ring today at the doctors. She prescribed estrogen cream. I would rather not take estrogen cream. Is there any other natural creams or non drug methods to loosen this ring.

I am 51 and still menstrating. I went to the doctor because the last two attempts at intercourse were very painful upon entry. (No other painful areas.) I can feel the tight ring and can mimic the pain just by stretching on it.

Thanks for any hints at treating this without estrogen.


Hi there

Please know I am not a doctor or gynecologist. What was the purpose of the estrogen cream? Is she thinking you are going through perimenopause? Have you had children? Is this the first time that you have experienced pain with intercourse?

In researching your question I found information about painful intercourse where they talk about what can be done if you have a tight hymenal ring: "For example, a tight hymenal ring may be stretched in the physician's office. An anesthetic ointment (eg, 1% lidocaine) should be used before each treatment."

I also found this information about the use of estrogen cream for that area: "The skin just outside they hymeneal ring at the entrance to the vagina is usually not very sensitive to estrogen treatment. Sometimes the estrogens can produce more vaginal secretions and thus help the vulvar skin, but for the most part topical estrogens do not tend to thicken the skin outside the hymenal ring. Testosterone, 2% in an ointment base may sometimes help to thicken the skin in this area. If you think that the skin is overly dry and thin you might want to discuss the use of a topical testosterone ointment with your physician"

My best suggestion is to seek a second opinion if this is the only option your doctor is giving you.

Hope this helps some. Thank you for your question.

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