Treatments For Dysesthesias, I Need Help!!!


Asked by Robin

Treatments For Dysesthesias, I Need Help!!!

I have been suffering from Dysesthesias in my arm for over a year now, and it is extremely painful at times. I recently (two weeks ago) completed treatment with solumedrol for 3 days and my pain was decreased for a short time but, unfortunately, is the same as it was before therapy. Has anyone had a similar experience or know of an alternate treatment that worked?


Hi Robin,

Dysesthesia is not unusual in MS and it can be extremely painful as you say. I am sorry you have had to live with it so long, and especially since the medication is not working. First, tell your doctor the solumedrol is not working.

There are several things known to decrease the effects of dysesthesia. First isa group of tricyclic antidepressants. Many MSers tell about depressant prescriptions.

Others are anti-epilepsy or anti-convulsants such as carbamazepine,diphenylhydantoin, and gabapentin. Also prescribed is capsaicin which is effective with arthritic types of conditions. All of these types of drugs, sold under specific brand names, have been shown to decrease dysesthesia.

There are a lot of long names here. Don't worry about those names. It would probably be beneficial to ask your doctor about anti-epilepsy or anti-convulsant solutions.

Good luck finding a solution.

Answered by Vicki