Treximet for Migraine - Free Offer Extended

Patient Expert

Back in February, I told you about an offer for coupons to get your first prescription of Treximet free and discount coupons for refills. That offer has now been extended through June 30.

Treximet is the newest Migraine abortive medication on the market.

In a way, it's not new because it contains sumatriptan, brand name Imitrex. But it IS new in that it's the first time a triptan has been combined with another medication in the same tablet.

Treximet contains 85 mg of sumatriptan and 500 mg of naproxen sodium. This combination is supposed to enhance Treximet's ability to target the dilation of blood vessels and the inflammation of surrounding nerves and tissues.

Trying new triptans can be an expensive proposition if your doctor doesn't have samples available for you. So, I wanted to let you know that there are coupons available on the Treximet web site that can save you money:

If you haven't tried Treximet, but you and your doctor decide you're going to, you can print a coupon for nine free Treximet tablets.

If you're already using Treximet, you can print a coupon for $25 off your next prescription.

Please note: The last time I wrote about Treximet, there were some comments from people complaining about "big pharma just looking for a way to extend their patent." The introduction of Treximet does _NOT _ extend any Imitrex patents. Generic injections and tablets are available. The introduction of Treximet adds another option for Migraineurs. That doesn't mean anyone is forced to use it.

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