Triglyceride Is 96


Asked by andrea

Triglyceride Is 96

hi lisa thank you so much for your quick response, my triglyceride is 96 which is fine i think, my dad had got high colesterol, but i didnt realize you can get it that way...

i am worried as i dont eat much, but i have started to eat more bran and i no bread now, i do exersise, im on the go all the time so not sure what else i can do, im on talblets which im not to happy about as i dont like taking tablets, but needs must i guess.

so if i stick to veg, salads, bran cereals, then should it come right down???

many thanks



Hi again

You're right, your triglycerides are great - good job!

Let me clarify a couple issues.

1. There is a difference between being "on the go" and devoting set time to physical activity. It's great that you're not sitting behind a desk all day, so that is in your favor. But, it's important to raise your heart rate for a sustained period of time, ideally the 5 days a week for 30 minutes.

2. You need variety. Limiting yourself to only eating set foods is not beneficial. You can eat a wide variety of foods and lower your cholesterol. I know, it's hard to grasp exactly what I mean. Eating salads, vegetables, and bran cereals is a step in that direction. When selecting meat, choose lean cuts. When baking choose healthier fats (canola or olive oils). Learn how to order healthy options when dining out. Select lean cooking methods - avoid fried foods. The list goes on. Refer to the diet to lower cholesterol here at Health Central.

If you want how you are eating assessed and a step-by-step guide of where you need to make changes, I can do that for you ($50). The program is called the Mini Diet Makeover. Click the link and scroll to the bottom. You will see the program, be able to learn more about it, and decide if it's something you want.

Good luck! Hopefully, you'll not need the medication for long.

Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

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Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN