Triglycerides Down Cholesterol Up?


Asked by Jules

Triglycerides Down Cholesterol Up?

I recently had some bloodwork done and was comparing last year's results to this year's......

Cholesterol up from 204 to 226

Triglycerides down from 171 to 121

HDL down from 59 to 54

LDL up from 110.8 to 147.8

Cholesterol ratio up from 3.5 to 4.2

How is it possible for triglycerides to go down and cholesterol to go up???


Hi Jules,

Your total cholesterol number is calculated using the following formula.

Total cholesterol = HDL + LDL + (Triglycerides/5)

That is why your total can still increase when LDL levels increase and triglycerides decrease.

Here's some information you may want to review:

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All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN