Triple Bypass Surgery, Followed By Stroke, Air Aneurysm, Fluid In And Around Lungs....


Asked by brendahh

Triple Bypass Surgery, Followed By Stroke, Air Aneurysm, Fluid In And Around Lungs....

My 85 year old grandfather had triple bypass surgery almost 4 weeks ago. He was brought into the ICU and the Dr. said it was a great success! About 2 hours after this the family was called back and was told he had a air aneurysm, and a stroke. Debate went on if it was both, or one, or the other. So they put him in a decompression chaimber for an hour and then said no idea how much it helped. He then began the fluid thing with his lungs. Fluid filled inside, and around. They started antibiotics, and we were on a new journey with this part. The lungs seemed to improve for a week, and we are now back to the same battle with the lungs. He has been moved to a rehab place, and seems to be getting worse. He has battled sciatica before this happened. The none ability to move himself is causing alot of pain for him. It takes over the rehab for the stroke part. He can not swallow because the stoke, or air aneurysm paralyzd the left side of his body, and his throat. He has a feeding tube in his stomach. The rehab place leaves him sitting for hours in a wheel chair. His sciatica can not take it and the look in his face says torture! He is trapped in his limp body, and has no way to relieve his pain. I know his mind is all there, but the scilence that this stroke brings him is unbearable to see. My question is... I want to know what treatment my grandfather should be getting every day? I want to know why they are not monatoring his vitals more than 1 time a day? Why do they not deal with the biggest pain part. When his pain is so high, his blood pressure goes thru the roof. That could cause more problems I would imagine. Just some kind of information would be helpful...


Hi Brendahh,

I'm not able to answer your questions, but do want you to know I hope your grandfather's situation improves and someone is able to provide input on his situation.

All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN