Triple Pill...cycle Breaker


Asked by patisotagami

Triple Pill...cycle Breaker

When I have a migraine that won't break (intractable), I have, in the past, taken a "Triple Shot" (a concoction of the Diamond Clinic in Chicago, IL that consists of: 2mg Ativan, 2mg Cogentin & 2mg Haldol taken simultaneously during a migraine as a 2nd-line cycle breaker). Every doctor I have since described this to has been shocked and told me that Haldol is extremely dangerous and may cause tardive diskinesia. However, this triple shot ALWAYS WORKED to break a tough migraine cycle for me! I was wondering if anyone knew of other things like this but perhaps not as dangerous that worked as good cycle breakers for intractible migraines. Would Seroquel possibly work as a stand-in for Haldol in this trio?...



That's a tough question. It's likely the combination of the three that worked well for you, and any substitution could make an enormous difference. I wouldn't dare even venture a guess about substituting Seroquel for Haldol.

Your question is a bit confusing. You mention "Pill" but also "shot." Without being able to have a conversation with you, I have no way of knowing what you've tried, but wonder if anyone has ever offered you IV infusion to break an intractable Migraine. With IV infusion, a Migraine can often be stopped with much simpler and safer medications. For example, simple magnesium sulfate will often stop a Migraine. You can find more information about this in IV Treatment of Refractory Migraines.

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Answered by Teri Robert