I Have Trouble Breathing After Doing Small Tasks. I Have Had Breathing Test Don E . Could This Be S


Asked by Terry

I Have Trouble Breathing After Doing Small Tasks. I Have Had Breathing Test Don E . Could This Be S

Could this be a sign of heart problems?


Hi Terry,

I am sorry to hear you are having breathing problems. However, you have not quite given me enough information to help me guide you to a diagnosis!

What I can talk about however are common causes of shortness of breath, several things you should note about your symptoms, and discussion points to share with your doctor.

Most common causes of shortness of breath involve the lung or the heart, so you are correct to be at least a little concerned about your heart. A common and important cardiac cause of shortness of breath includes congestive heart failure ( or CHF). Note whether you have swelling in your legs, a dry cough, and problems lying flat. Also, if you are having palpitations, they can make you feel like you are short of breath too. Be sure to mention them to your doctor.

Lung diseases like Asthma and COPD also can cause shortness of breath with activity. Here you will want to take note of when the symptoms come on in the day, if you have a family history of these diseases, or if you smoke.

Lastly, if you have been unable to move around a lot or exercise (i.e. if you've been in the hospital for a long time or on bed rest), you could be deconditioned, or very out of shape. You'll want to note if you shortness of breath feels like you are breathing heavy, like you just ran a marathon.

Of course, only your doctor, who can examine you and order tests for you like chest x-rays, blood work including complete blood count, basic metabolic panel, pulmonary function tests, can help you definitively diagnose you shortness of breath. If you symptoms do not get better or certainly if they get worse, you should go to your local emergency room.

To your health,

Neil MD