Trusted Health Websites Don't Always Get Preeclampsia Info Right


Preeclampsia, a dangerous type of high blood pressure that can occur during pregnancy or in the days and weeks after giving birth, is one of the leading causes of serious birth complications and maternal death in the United States. We now know that most deaths from preeclampsia occur from strokes after delivery, but this isn’t clear from the incomplete, outdated, and sometimes misleading information available online.

In response to a recent Vogue magazine article in which Beyoncé  discusses her experience with this life-threatening condition, ProPublica — a nonprofit investigational journalism organization — asked the director of the Preeclampsia Foundation and a leading expert on preeclampsia, Eleni Tsigas, to look at the accuracy of information on some of the top U.S. health websites,including Harvard Health Publishing, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and MedlinePlus.

According to Tsigas, it’s critical for new mothers and family members to know that for some women, the dangers of preeclampsia continue, and even worsen, in the hours and days after a baby is born, but this fact was not covered adequately on many of the sites. The condition is also more common in African-American women, who are more than twice as likely to die from preeclampsia as white women.

Sourced from: ProPublica